Monday, 16 March 2009

Well the plaque on Tristan's grave is finally there. It felt wrong that there was nothing marking his grave, but it took forever to get it made. I had completed all the paperwork early on, but the company making the plaque reopened from Christmas at the start of February and we were told it could take up to eight weeks for it to be made and mounted.

Now that the plaque is in place, it feels like it was the last thing that I could do for him, as his Mum, to set things right.

Since Tristan has been buried, another nine children have been laid to rest on his row - all of them babies. It is just so very wrong that this is happening to us and to other families at all. Those that I have counted, are the ones that have been buried at that cemetery. What about all the children that have been cremated or buried at other places? It is too many. Too many children. Too many families affected. Too much hearbreak and sadness.


  1. Indeed, too too many. Tristan is such a beautiful boy. xoxo

  2. We couldn't even get Hope a plot in the children's section. It was full. Just heartbreaking.