Friday, 16 January 2009

A good day

A summer rain showered down yesterday with almost tropical force. I was in the car and decided to get out and let that water pelt on me. It felt incredible, my skin was wet and I was drenched in seconds and I felt elated. The oppressive heat of the day just washed away and that delicious, earthy smell that rain sometimes brings, just filled the air. It was cathartic in every sense. I went home feeling renewed and somehow lighter. I slept so well.

Today I woke up feeling really good. I feel happy and positive. I know that for the time being, a day like today will be rare, but I want to acknowledge it. I walked down to the water this morning and sat by the harbour and felt my son with me. I was overcome with a warm buzz and for the moment, I feel like everything, the future, our lives, will be ok. 


  1. so encouraging to hear you are having days like this already. i wish i was having more of them.

  2. tristan is so beautiful, thank you for sharing him with us. we lost our little silas over 5 months ago due to complications during delivery from shoulder dystocia. some days i feel consumed by the ball of uncertainty and pain, and other days i can hop out of bed with a glimmer of hope.
    sending you love.